Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bogus to Bubbly

Bogus to Bubbly
by Scott Westerfeld
reviewed by Hannah

I have been waiting for this book to come out for years! My friend Kallen gave it to me for my birthday last week, and I read it during that day at school. (I'm not exactly sure what the teachers taught that day) Scott Westerfeld wrote the "Uglies" series, which, despite the name, is actually quite good. It had to do with ethical and moral issues in a "Utopian" community. It's a good series, because it really makes you think! It's sci-fi, but it actually has a plot and characters with real feelings, which I have found many sci-fi books lack.

This is a guide book, subtitled, "An insider's guide to the world of Uglies". Inside is information about the world which Westerfeld has created. Some sections include the science of beauty, a guide of the gadgets and technology mentioned, and the beginning of one of the books in a series from a different character's perspective To someone who only read the series once, this is an interesting read. I, however, have read the entire series 3 times (I'm sorry-- they're my favorite. haha) and so I knew most of the content already.

I did learn some new and quite random facts, which was cool; The phrase "I love you" is said exactly twice total. Also, the unit one character uses to measure beauty, milli-helens, originates from Helen of Troy, whose beauty was said to launch 1000 ships.

I would definitely get this is you see it, but only if you first read the 4 books in the series: "Uglies", "Pretties", "Specials", and "Extras". Those books, along with this guide, will give you an exciting and disturbing look in the direction our world is headed and an absorbing conspiracy plot of our planet 200 years in the future.

All we need now is a movie!

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