Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflections on a wild calm

Early this morning I crawl out of bed
a soft hazy light peeks through
where the curtain parts
cool morning air drifts in the room
through the open window
with a damp earthly pine scent
the scene accented
by the far off cry of an early bird
and the barely pervievable sound
of the calm waves lapping and singing
a song of summer

I grab a blanket and
pull on my sweatshirt,
leaving me feeling warm and secure
I run my fingers through my braids
releasing the soft golden crimps
to feel the early summer breeze
of a morning by the lake

I slip on my shoes and pad softly out of my room
hearing the soft, slow breathing of the people
through the next door
I drift down the creeky stairs
and across the living room
Hand on the heavy wooden door, I push
feeling it give and let in more light
power in my fingertips
through the veranda and the ripped screen door

outside ripped rainbow ribbons
floating and bending around the trees
seeing the pastel blue of the water
reflecting reds and oranges
of the almost appearing sun.

I break into a run,
powered by a rush of near ecstasy
I reach the bottom of the hill
and stand
facing the fabulous display of colors
I spread out the blanket
and lie down one hand out
palm up, playing with the verdant grass

I look towards the sunrise once more,
thin wispy clouds streaked through the scene
glowing intense reds and golds
against the muted but spectacular background haze

I sit in this wild calm
slowly watching
as the sun peeks above the horizon

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