Friday, January 2, 2009

Bedtime Stories: a movie review

I went to see the movie Bedtimes Stories with a few of my friends, because we had nothing else to do, and I wasn’t really expecting too much. Right from the beginning, however, I was laughing my head off. I thought Adam Sandler, who played an immature, lovable “Skeeter Bronson” was absolutely brilliant. He was hilarious, and for the most part appropriate for all ages.

In the movie, Skeeter is asked by his sister to watch her two kids for a few days while she is interviewed for a job. He has no experience with children, and has about the maturity of a 6 year old himself. The children have no TV, no junk food, and Skeeter has no idea what to do with them. So, he decides to just put them to bed. Or course, they demand a bedtime story, but their selection is limited. So, he decides to tell them a bedtime story he makes up himself, all based on his sad life. At the end however, the kids think it was not exciting enough, so they add their own plot twists. The next day, shockingly, the tale comes to life. People start to do the hokey pokey, it rains gumballs, and an angry dwarf kicks Skeeter in the shin. The next night, he tries to use the stories in his favor, which results in a highly random and funny sequence of events.

It does lack too deep a message, and although a bit shallow, I think that this film will make adults and children laugh from this rare movie that’s funny and appropriate.

4/5 stars


Big Andy said...

Hey, girl, I have always found Adam Sandler to be a very monotonous comedian. He always seems to play the same character with the same obnoxious, whiny, juvenile attitude. Sounds like this is the same, huh? But overall, maybe the gimmicky storyline actually is the strength of the movie? Should I go see it while it's still in town?

HannahBrookeXD said...

yes definately! :D
well I loved it anyway.